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WEEK 55 - POST 3

I'm not sure what to write about this a year later.  There are some shifts in terms of chores, energy for house (since writing contract is done, because I spent a year allowing the teenage rebellion to "be"?) and taking care of myself.  I just don't do discipline - I want to do things out of love...

But day to day, part-time work still takes over, is a priority to the detriment of my health and well-being.  I overthink "making a salad", "going for a jog", "getting out of house to do work at a coffee shop" etc.  If it's going to happen, there needs to be a bigger switch.

Better habits?
Strict adherence to a new schedule?
Taking a day each week to practice "alignment before action" and "going with the flow"

All of the above?

Something to think about!

FROM WEEK 4 (2016)
"I missed my week 3 check-in... it would be OK if I just "did" these things but they seem to involve alot of thinking (when is the best time to go, what should I do first, do I really have time for all this) which then just overwhelms and gets me stuck... It's the mind I have to quiet and ease through for all of this (including the business)." (LINK)

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