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WEEK 55 - POST 2

Wasn't able to do my Thursday morning check-in.  It's been a bit busy this week.  I'm now trying to catch up on writing audit reports.  Hah!  It's always something.

This is what I really need to drill into my brain.  That it's ALWAYS going to be something.  And I HAVE to schedule my entrepreneur work and stick with that schedule or it's always going to be pushed aside.

What IS working?

- if I'm counting audits and the writing contract (which are both in the area I want to work in) I did lots of work this week!  Just not so much on the blog (but did do some work Sunday!)
- focusing on a couple of the five pillars for the first week (jogging, water, yay!)
- took a couple of photos this week for the blog & reviewing photo list
- for tomorrow entrepreneur work IS the priority (and a bit of catch up on weekend!)
- I have a life coach session scheduled Friday, a mastermind skype session next Monday, an entrepreneur networking event next Thursday and a "task buddy - TUT" meet-up this month also!!

It WILL get better.


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