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Photo: Kelly Sikkema (Flickr: Public Domain)

It's June 2016.  I am so ready to start my business.  I want to step into this new role of being an entrepreneur, a self-started, a creative person who is inspired to do things and live her soulful creative life.

It would be great to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs.  It would be great to meet other creatives and have a weekly check-in.  I have some great support around me, including friends, a life coach and a small mastermind group but what my soul craves is the independent kindred connection of others who want to go beyond basic blogging and self-help and truly mastermind new ways of living in the world.  And to do it in a mindful way, using slow business practices that nourish our community and ourselves, trusting in the perfect timing, grace and abundance that is available to all.

If this resonates with you, feel free to meet me here Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon and let's support each other!

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