what this is not...

I am not a business coach.

I am not a professional facilitator of mastermind groups.

I am not at all ever wanting THIS to be my meal ticket.

I'm not looking for retweets and social media shares and/or marketing for my business.

This is not a place to talk about and promote my business (or anyone else's).

But this may be a place where I share what is working for me or what I'm curious about and want to look into.

I've never taken B-School or done a Fire-Starter Session or learned how to get my first 100 emails for a contact list.

This will not be about the technical aspects of a business - although if there is alot of frustration around these things it might be nice to give some advice and point out where a great place to learn something can be found.

This is not a place to air dirty laundry or just let loose on a rant that never ends.

This is not a leader-led space.  This is a place for sharing and collaboration.

Let's talk about what's working and what's not and what WE know about our own paths to figure out how to solve it.  Even if it's just the first step.

And let's celebrate the successes!!