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WEEK 51 - POST 4

Just a quick check-in on Friday.

Was hoping to continue the momentum and work on the two other pieces (appendix Primer + Audit) for the rest of the week but I've found that I've been catching up with other things, that I'm "behind" on - really what is "behind" truly?

The biggest feeling I have is "it will be OK no matter what".  I want to trust in the process, even my own rhythms and just let it all get done, as it wants to get done...  I'm really tired today.  I've been pushing myself to write (or beating myself up for not writing) all winter.

I do feel so happy that at least the biggest part is done, I just need a little breather before I tackle the other two parts.  And I think I'm going to give it to myself.

For my biz - this is what I'm thinking:

- priority to really start working on my community and email list (think of best ways to do this...) even if it's slowly... (with a community that knows that I'm not 100% online!)
- get a good schedule for first two priorities: weekly blog post + 52 week challenge (and book off a couple of days to work on these and get ahead - soon!)
- work on products this summer - no more collabs - I need to prioritize my stuff! (and then start networking again ONCE you have products to talk about!!)
- working on alignment before action and visualization - I'm going to go back to the "Creating Money - Attracting Abundance" book and really focusing inwards rather than outwards

and also really tuning into how I feel in the moment and giving myself what I need.

if I feel tired, rest. if I feel hungry, eat.  if I feel lonely go outside. if I feel uninspired, take a break and refuel for more inspiration.


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