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WEEK 52 - POST 1

Ok, so it's a holiday Monday, so I almost forgot to check in!!

I gave myself two days of break from the final writing (and anything to do with part-time job).

Even this morning it's more webinars about entrepreneur "best practices" and podcasts on getting into alignment.

But this week I really need to buckle down and get the final pieces of writing done.  I really want it done.

It's been quite a roller coaster month.  Well actually, it's been a roller coaster year.  I've seen some great steps forwards and also some movement backwards.  But it's all OK.

I really do believe that it's all leading to a year of great expansion and that I'm ready.  I'm still needing to create a great base for myself - a great foundation (with work, routines, schedule, habits, business practices) but I'm also ready to take tiny steps outwards.  NOT NETWORKING.  Not right now.  I need to work on the products but other tiny steps to expand, to give my dreams space to grow.

The networking drive has been more about finding other like-minded entrepreneurs so that I don't feel so alone.  Other people that I can check in with during the day (one aspect that I miss about working at an office).  But I'm not really ready to sacrifice the simplicity of working from home.  Yes, maybe I should go out and work in a coffee shop once or twice a week but I really want to work from home.  There are so many parts of it I LOVE.

But now I need to recognize what I DO have:

- a spouse who supports what I do one hundred percent.  incredible!
- a task buddy I can check in with any time via text
- other friends that support me via text, emails and coffee talks
- a mastermind friend who is also working on her first product and her blog
- a life coach who is also building her business and great emotional support
- same task buddy who is also a TUT friend to help with manifesting
- some great spaces I can go to if I want to work outside the house: SCC, coffee shops, library, InvO, downtown campus with green wall, etc.
- three collaborations that could possibly happen again next year
- knowing others who are inspiring creative entrepreneurs and enterprises
- great support via podcasts, social media, summits, webinars and courses
- meeting up with two indie kindreds (wow!)

I have soooooooo very, very much.

It's all here whenever I want it.

I just have to open my eyes!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:  A year under my belt.  Wow.  Sure in some ways, I wish the products were done, but I'm proud that I struggled through the writing contract, learnt so much and survived to get to the other side!  And I have three collaborations to show, another blog writing opportunity and created my first post that went "viral".  WOWIE.  YAY!!!  I'm ready for you - YEAR TWO!!

Where Are you Stuck This Week: I think I really want to know how to get from here (Part-time work to support myself) to there (Full-time Self-Employed working on my Business).  I definitely think the Summit helped (so happy to have all that free info! thank you!!) to show me the way forward and at the right time.  I just have to block out time to get stuff done!

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: You got the writing contract done.  You CAN make your products and make them successful.  Think of everything as a fun hot track - nothing is ever a mistake.  Even if your first idea hasn't gone off so well, you are learning and there are options.  I am so proud of you for starting!!

What Will You Commit To For This Week: I hate saying "Getting the Writing Contract Complete" as I still don't want to hold myself so strongly accountable.  I want to go with the flow.  I will commit to going with the flow more.  Tapping into my intuition and finding the best way forward to complete the writing.  It WILL happen!!  xo

OK, that's me...  So what are your take-aways from this year?  What are you incredibly proud of?  What do you want to improve on?  And any big goals for the next year???  I want to hear about you!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

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