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WEEK 51 - POST 3

The last fact sheet was done on Monday.  Then Tuesday I proofread it and sent it off.

It seriously did feel amazing.

It seriously DOES feel amazing.


I have the two other small things: Primer (appendix part) + Audit Checklist, which I hope will get done in the next two days but even if it bleeds a bit into next week, all will be OK.

It's a long weekend coming up and weather looks rainy for two of the three days - so I might take advantage of that and get more writing done.

I have incredible support from my spouse.  He is incredibly sympathetic and also is right there for me to celebrate all my small wins and big wins!!  It's also great to have my "task buddy" now - I owe her big time and sent out a big THANK YOU text to her for being so consistent with the cheering and encouragement.  It really meant a lot to have someone else know of my pain and care how things were going.  And there are many other friends who I've talked about this ad nauseam for the full winter and I'll be glad to tell them that it's done.  No more "I've got to write more this week" or "I am still working on the contract!" emails.  Hah.

I also got an email from my Mastermind Partner and I'm REALLY excited as she is going to be working intensely on her blog this summer and it'll be good to share thoughts, ideas and goals to help motivate each other!  (I just sent her this link to a free ENTREPRENEUR SUMMIT that is happening this week.)  It is really good to finally have some other entrepreneur peeps that I can check in with regularly and who are working on similar things (but she is doing a completely different topic so there's no competition either!)

I was really hoping that Wed, Thurs and Fri I could do some self-care and start working on my "better habits" schedule (like meditation, daily walk, etc.) but I'm still doing a bit of catch up (because I've always had to prioritize the writing!)  And the two collabs are starting to impact each other - I have to get a blog post out about the first one but I also committed to working on webpages for the second one.  Yikes!

It will all get done.

Trust, trust, trust - it will all get done (that is my mantra)!

Hope it's all going smoothly for you this week too!!


p.s. next week is the last week of "Year One" - how can it already be a full year?!?!?!?

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