some quick check-ins for week (wed to fri)

WEEK 45 - POST 3

Wednesday -

Having a hard time focusing.  After almost two weeks away from writing (which was really good - I  needed a break!) I'm finding it hard to get back in the groove - although I don't think there EVER was a groove.  hah!  It's past noon and I haven't done anything yet.

I did end up watching and listening to The Lively Show where I found ideas of how to hear my intuition better, tap into flow and live with intention.  I've known about this, I've known about Abraham Hicks - but somehow it clicked with an online entrepreneur explaining how it works for her. (So actually good - will help me in the long run!) I "allowed" myself to leave desk/computer and do something else by mid-afternoon.  And I also did tidy up the kitchen (did it in small chunks) and having this room clean brings such lightness!  Love a clean kitchen.  xo

At the end of the day I did do over two hours of work for the graphic design component (reviewing the editing on fact sheets, sending the finalized versions, providing text for cover, intro & back and giving feedback on first version of layout.)  So there's a bit less pressure on the writing.  At the beginning of the day, the goal was to make time for writing before anything else but because I was still stuck at the end of the day, I wanted to see some progress so I tackled the easier thing - hoping that it will open up some flow for the other stuff!

Thursday -

So started this morning with more learning about alignment before action (flow vs "efforting").  I know this is where I've been wanting to go as all last year I kept saying I don't want to force myself or make discipline the answer.  But "getting into alignment" was the missing piece.  I think it was good though to have that year where I recognized the unhappiness of being pushed and having compassion and saying "no more" to the pushing mentality.  I needed that year - it's all a journey and must continually remind myself that I'm going in the right direction!

I also know how this alignment will help me with both the biz and also the outdoor consultations that I will be doing this summer because really it's all about the attitude.  And I know I've been bringing my bad attitude to many places and haven't really had a chance to shine.  Especially in the two previous jobs where I felt very negatively about the people I was working with.  And I think that bleeds into my current life.

I do worry about feeling the same negativity in this current part-time job so I don't know how that will resolve itself but I can work on my alignment.  And I have to trust more the "no's" even if it means walking away from an "easy" paycheck!  xo

Friday -

So nothing really got done on Thursday.  In the evening I started working on my taxes and it's not as hard as I thought, so I may do it on my own.  We shall see.  (It's interesting to think about how it might be worthwhile to invest in shared office space since it will be considered an expense for work... need to explore this, this year.)  The one thing I do need is a solid business plan to justify the lawyers fees, etc.  I don't think it has to be long or hugely detailed, I think it just needs to show some thoughts as to how my business will generate income, so as to justify the investments.  Will do some more work on this over the weekend.

By mid-day I've gotten two hours in of writing and I hope I can get in about two more before dinner.  I have my life coaching session this afternoon.  I wanted to note here that I'm happy that I've started putting some effort into my surroundings (feeling some positive energy!) - bought some colourful cushions for the sofa in my home office.  Also the clean kitchen is still clean and it really makes a difference in my mood!!

During the life coaching session - I really unpacked some of my beliefs that I'm too old to start a new career (so happy about this!) and connecting to the more positive optimistic energy from my incredible future!!

Shared my guest post on a couple of social medias and provided a comment on a Linked In topic and it's great to see the replies and connections I am forging!

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