what's what: monday morning check-in!

WEEK 46 - POST 1

It's Monday.

This weekend I had no energy for work.  (I'm still working on the writing!)

I was frustrated with myself because I sometimes get a bit picky about when my posts go up and will try to cover off missed weeks by posting back to those weeks.  Which meant that this week, I sent out through my RSS feed something about spring equinox three weeks late.  Bah!  I just hate that I can't catch up but I also have to realize that if I start confusing my readers and am not transparent then I will never get anywhere.

I have to be very honest and just admit when I haven't been able to post rather than pretend that I'm still keeping up.  And it's also because I don't have alot of readers that I think it's OK.  But really I need to treat every reader like they are the most important reader AND realize that they will appreciate me more if I'm honest.

Oh so much to learn!!

So this weekend, I went over and over in my head what I should do about my 52 week program - whether I should "catch up" on a few weekends, so that I would be on target with the solstice or if I should just accept that I was three weeks late to start the program and that people would be OK with that!  I decided that I should just let it stand as is.  Which does mean that I will be ending a couple of weeks after spring solstice next year but that is OK.  (I wanted to start the second year of the "52 weeks" right away but maybe it's better that I take a break and launch it well (and on time) in the summer or fall!  So it all seems to be working out in the end.

OK so this weekend, other than mulling what to do (as per the above) I took time off.

Had a birthday breakfast with one friend and a birthday dinner with another (their birthdays not mine).  I switched over my wardrobe and identified a shopping list for new clothes.  I did laundry and made bruchetta.  I organized my receipts for my first self-employed tax submission and we finally got the printer working again.  We started watching the old series: Prime Suspect.  And I spent some time last night organizing the upcoming weeks for my personal and social life.

This week I'm planning a short work week (for the part-time job) so that I can just concentrate on the writing and my own work for a long extended weekend.  I was hoping that the writing would be done also so that I could have about four days just for the blog but that just won't be happening.  But if I can at least get the fact sheets complete this week and then just work on the primer and audit in the next two weeks it will all be done by the end of Week 48 (and the end of the month).  The graphic designer doesn't have much time in the next week or so anyway, which takes some pressure off of me. (I think once the writing is done I will try to take another couple of days off - I just need a break from everything!!)

This Week: 52 weeks, post, pay lawyer, blog posts, schedule meeting for Love your Local project, assessment report for intern, network breakfast, finalize taxes, finish special blog page and send out emails

Next Week: start special blog post, start podcast recording, impact tag

Sorry this has been so long winded!!  How was your weekend and what are your plans for the week

What's Inspiring You This Week: It's Monday afternoon and I paid my lawyers fee, taxes won't be as much as I thought and I am *almost* done two more fact sheets.  One last one to write tomorrow - I am so THRILLED!!  wow - THAT is inspiring!

Where Are you Stuck This Week: so behind in my blog, so very, very behind, it's hard to accept.  I need to be better at this and just allow what is.  I do still want to do a "farewell" to the last season post and I think that is ok... but have to get into the new season and focus ahead!!

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: you are learning, you are learning, you are learning.  It's all about involving your readers and being honest.  they will accept your limitations IF you are honest.  But also they do want some consistency.  Determine what you CAN do weekly and make it a priority!

What Will You Commit To For This Week: this one has been hard for me lately, I'm afraid to commit and then not achieve my goal.  the big thing lately for me to be more present is to "expand the happy moments" - so I'll commit to this.  even if it's just done a couple of times this week - that would be great!!

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

so how do you feel about commitment?  how are your weekly, monthly, yearly goals coming along...  wishing you all the best for the week!

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