A reminder of some GREAT small steps forward... (from last month)

Just listing some things that feel real good in terms of being an entrepreneur, working at home, self-care, etc.:

- Waking up late but being ok with this as I needed sleep and it is daylight savings so lost an hour.

- Spending time identifying my non-negotiables for the day (meals, yoga, meditation, writing, getting outside, etc.) and which I would focus on first.

- Really happy that doing laundry and watering plant came naturally and I didn't have to overthink or force it.  Just allow.

- First was meditation in sunlight in bedroom (our roomie joined me.)

- Second was a Sunday breakfast of chia waffles with molasses (iron) and latte.  I listened to a podcast (JBYM) as I had breakfast.

- Third was a shower and then getting dressed in clothes as I need to get groceries - was debating whether to put on yoga clothes.

- Added three podcasts to my podcast reader that have to do with my entrepreneurial work and ordered four books - two were e-copies (feminine energy to tap into) that I can read on my phone and two of people I admire (10 Ltrs + Summit Seeker).  (this feels like IintoR steps!!)

- Twitter for my account (retweets + one tweet for this cool activity I found through google alerts) and then my Monday FG blog check-in and an encouragement check-in: Halfway there (5 done), First two fact sheetsEight case studiesSent off 5 case studies

- Wondering should I go for a walk, should I move (exercise), should I do some stretching when I find myself unable to focus - the next step didn't happen but should be (next time) to DO one of these.

- Buddy system with friend - was good to check in with her (although it was very limited because she got up at 11:00 am  :  )

- Mid Afternoon break - snacked a bit, listened to a podcast, posted some IG photos (personal) and had a shower

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