thursday update!

WEEK 46 - POST 3

I handed in two more fact sheets!!  Wow - am so THRILLED!!

This is AMAZING!!  I am doing it!!!

I have just ONE MORE TO DO (and I hope to do it by the end of this week).


(There's a bit more to do after that but for now I'm focusing on what I have achieved!! And want to take some time to focus on other things that got pushed to the side because of this contract!)

Great small steps and interesting things this week:

- working on expanding wonderful moments - worked on this as the end of my walk on Monday when I really tuned into how happy I was and expanded the moment all the way back to my car (and also warded off the rain - which my app kept saying would happen in 1 min!)
- trying to fit in more podcasts (JBYM, Lively and some others) - good insights; texted with my nephew on his bday (nice to connect) - i'm wrestling with ideas of how to be closer to my family and a friend texted me suggesting we meet up for writing soon (yay!!)
- met up with TUT friend and she admitted to me that she's having a hard time with the idea of manifestations so we had a bit discussion about that (which might have helped me solidify my beliefs on this a bit more but also reminded me that CONFUSION while hard is a great place to be).
- missed the networking breakfast because the early hour is just so hard (got up late, had to go back three times to get things: earphones, umbrella, etc.) but did spend some time out of the house, which I think ultimately was good for me!
- found a "thinkubator" that will be held at the end of the month which is on my business topic.  they will have three speakers talking about it for children (where my focus is for adults) but still might be interesting.
- I am now in my "extended weekend" where really I'm doing everything I usually am, just not getting emails.  I was hoping that this would be time for my blog but I still have to the writing and getting back to graphic designer (and now I'm receiving resumes that I need to review also!)

(I need to start making a list of things I've committed to so that I don't forget anything and also want to get in my regular weekly deadlines!)

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