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WEEK 42 - POST 2

Sadly with this writing contract and really bad habits and routines, I can't make a new start of it this week.  I was hoping with my calendar wide open I could.  But I feel like I'm behind the eight ball and with all that stress, the only thing I know is to plow through - make myself "sit in my room and do my homework and don't come out until it's done".  Sigh!!!

Since this FULL ON WEEK OF CHANGE didn't work, I'm wondering if I should just introduce one new idea each week and keep at it until it feels like habit:

- drinking lots of water
- moving every 60 - 90 minutes
- getting out once a day
- working out of the house twice a week
- a great morning routine before I start my day


The other thing that is really sinking in, is that I don't have a strategy (plan) for my social media.

Twitter is good as I can notify people of my new blog posts but what should I really be retweeting?  I'm connecting with "professionals" but what I want to offer is more for the general public.  So I need to rethink this.

Also Instagram has no purpose for me right now.  I thought I would show my perspective on my topic (passion) but my photos aren't good enough.  Should I feature other photos?  Get people to use my tag?  I've thought of how I can make this work with a program (my great download a couple of weeks ago) but it will take time to put it together.  (Most of my followers are businesses that are trying to get visibility themselves!)

I need to make some notes on what I've thought have been the most successful social media posts so far for me.

And really drill down on what my goals are for these tools.

And also stop using them (wasting time) when I don't have an effective strategy.

It's so easy to be sucked into "likes" and "retweets" as they are so immediate but they really don't help if they are random and connecting with the wrong audience.


p.s. haven't work on the blog (which I said I would do this week) - wondering if I should just put it on hold until writing contract is up!  :  (

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