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WEEK 42 - POST 1

It's been a couple of crazy months.  I have been so focused on the writing contract but I find that I'm checking in here more that usual even though the entrepreneur side (the way I see it) is lagging.  But I have realized that the writing is part of my entrepreneur work.  I think things are picking up internally and I really want to get at it so there's that need to write!!

Daily Posts in Wk 39 (High energy at beginning of week, list of what needs to be done, LHE boost)
More than daily Wk 40 (huge download during week, emotions running high, worry + achievements)
Short week for Wk 41 (long wknd (Mon-Tues), disappointment that goals weren't reached)
Wk 41 weekend realized that this week could be magical and I could "reset" it all!!

So here is is Wk 42 and I see a whole five days staring down at me and I have no meetings except for Thursday so I'm hoping that I can finally tackle this beast and get it behind me.  That would feel so amazing!!

These Feel Like "Yeses" for Entrepreneur life:

- my TUT friend texted me with some ideas (stats) for blog post the past weekend
- did the car tour with my CSArt friend Saturday and it was great to share with her my passion
- emailed my podcast friend (suggested meeting up but she's away for 2 wks which is actually better for me as I have to focus on writing contract and don't have time for podcast - so another manifestation!) hah!  All Good!
- finally reviewed what the lawyers sent me in terms of trademark and got back to them.

And I also need to reach out to my Mastermind friend and get on top of year end taxes and summary.

The reason the writing wasn't done last week was because I prioritized the graphic designer, notification of events + website update and the new program launch over the writing.  I WAS working (I need to remind myself of this) - I just chose to do other things.


What's Inspiring You This Week: You have completed 10 case studies and have 5 fact sheets done.  You have five other fact sheets drafted.  This WILL happen.  You thought this was impossible but look at where you are!!  xo

Where Are you Stuck This Week: I know other things will bump my priorities (graphic designer, talking to supervisor about new program launch, email to the organization that I did the presentation at two weeks ago) and as long as I'm working it's all OK.  I want to have one day to work on blog posts.  I also need to get back to my C.P. and then there are the taxes.  (And that's not even touching the two products that I want to launch this spring!!)  Too many high priorities - that is where I'm stuck!  Let's see what happens.

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: One foot forward at a time.  Just take one step.  It'll all wait.  You are building a slow business.  Don't worry about big dreams.  Just do what you can today.  It's all going in the right direction.

What Will You Commit To For This Week: One day for blog.  This is a non-negotiable.  xo

OK, that's me... now tell me about you and let's do this thing!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

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