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WEEK 42 - POST 3 

There's always this ebb and flow of wanting to reach out and connect to more local like-minded masterminders and then thinking that I don't have the time to connect and I really need to get the work done!!

I'm feeling that need to stretch out right now - possibly because I've listened to back to back episodes of JBYM lately.  And I'm wondering where I can find "my people" locally.  Not only my community (that will connect with what I'm offering) but also some local masterminders - others who are trying to make a go at being creative entrepreneurs.

I know that through local networking I'll meet more and more people and will end up finding some of these people but my current feeling is that I want to meet them NOW.  (hah!)

I know I have to be patient and that it will all come at the right time.

I do have some amazing support right now and really there are some amazing people that I'm just starting to get to know and I need to make space to allow these relationships to grow and expand:

- (WRITING) both an online C.P. and a local friend who's a writer (we just talked about renting a cottage next November to just get away and focus on writing!!)

- (COLLABORATING) another friend who is an artist/poet that I'm collaborating with (woohoo!!) and a blogger I met through the juicy blogging class

- (WOMEN'S GROUP) a nice group of women that I'm meeting through this monthly breakfast meetup once a month (haven't been able to go the past few months but will go next month!!)

- (ENTREPRENEUR) both an online mastermind friend (who skypes with me every few months) and a local self-employed friend who is now checking in with me more regularly

- (LOCAL SPOT) I really want to be a "regular" and hope that this helps me meet people who are really local - like down the street!  need to start going to my local coffee shop plus this great local creative hub

- (SPIRITUAL) have been wanting to join this local meditation group and I think finally I will have the time to go!!

- (UNRAVELING) a really sweet online friend who is so encouraging about the spiritual stuff (we've skyped) and wonderful to talk about "providing service" to the world

And let's not forget that I've just met some really cool new people last year: someone to swim with, someone who has become a fast friend (coffee, xmas carol, snowshoeing, etc), someone to hula hoop with, someone at the podcasting class (who is also a writer), someone who might be a great local biz topic contact, someone who is working on the local enterprise alliance and now there may be an indie kindred opportunity locally which would be super.  (I've just joined some FB groups - podcasting, blogging will have to see if there are opportunities there also!)

Also a French conversation group, a local writing group and book club (at library)...  and maybe someday knitting!!  My life is full, I have so much support!  I need to really see what is already there and appreciate the small pieces and how they all fit together.  Happy, happy, happy!!

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