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WEEK 39 - POST 4

OK fourth post this week.  It feels like so much has happened!  The Lee Harris video was incredible and then at eleven, I went to a business class (on taxes) and met up with a friend for tea afterwards (GP who did the bike trip) and we talked dream jobs and dream living situations.  And this morning I realized that the guest post collab was not what I thought, so I wrote an email back being clear on what I could deliver (and what I couldn't - as per what she wanted me to write about - historical buildings?  not my area of expertise at all.)  So I feel proud that I could do that and clearly send a signal to the universe that yes, I'm serious about this and please send me better requests in the future.  (yay!)

I haven't completed one fact sheet this week but I still have two days and I'm resigned to the fact that I will be working on the weekend again (yay.)

Another set back I had was on Monday (which probably plays a part as to why I'm not so productive this week).  I got an email from a friend (yes, that same friend) which put me in this bad trigger incident - projection loop. The email was wrapped up in this friendly way but there really was only one reason they had emailed.  This person hardly ever reaches out - it feels like I'm always the one initiating - I don't hear from them for months at a time! But on Sunday night my friend got notified by this site we co-own that I made a change.

And that got this person immediately on my case.  And it is really the only reason for the email.  But my friend tried to make it look like a chatty email.  :  (

(Talk about no trust! And there was no effort to try to see the bigger picture before the email was sent. But really, haven't I already said that this friendship isn't really good for me right now (and probably not at all - ever again)?)

Sigh!  It's sad when it comes to this.  I hate when friendships get rough.

But I managed to draft a really wonderful heart-centered email back (to at least get it off my mind for the beginning part of the week) and just let it sit until Thursday before I sent it back.  (Of course it wasn't really ever off my mind!  Ugh!)


OK - onward and upward!!  Let's make this happen!!  Three more this week(end) and then I can start on the next set in Week 40.

Slowly but surely - it's happening.

I can do this!!


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