Message from Lee Harris (for mid Feb to full month of March) wow!!! xo

The Rise of the Lightworkers

Opportunity of higher mind that is rising in everybody - those of you who are innovators, who are creators, who are pioneers of new ways of being (more conscious, more peaceful, more community focused way of being) will find it a fairly extraordinary time (six weeks or so) - connection energy is going to rise again, ability to move forward with your plans,  ability to divinely create with energies that come through you  (download energy) coming in 3-4 weeks.  MID MARCH!!

If we can swim (don't forget to rest a bit) it will carry you to higher plains of experience and higher plains of existence within your personal life.

Allow heavier emotions to flow through you (acceptance - no judgement)

There will be a alive, bright vibrant energy that is going to come in more and more in the next few months.  Work with that energy and will have a very different experience of dimensions (different chakras) - windows of opportunity for a whole group of us to uplevel our maintained experience of living.  Make us more useful to share emit and bring that energy out. MEDITATE!!  GREAT STILLNESS (not alot of movement) IN FEBRUARY AND MARCH  (If you are getting triggered - take breaks - go out into nature)  Balance and Self Care and Self Awareness

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