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WEEK 39 - POST 3

I watched Lee Harris Energy and feeling very positive about the upcoming months.  (I'll post his message this weekend!)

I'm very excited.  This is what I've done:

- connected to local podcasters and bloggers (possible collaborations?)
- meeting with friend GP (lots of shared hobbies, passions - including my biz focus!)
- meeting with friend CT (again lots of shared hobbies, plus collaboration with CSArt!)
- mailed EB about guest blogging (what other opportunities are there?)
- will make advertising buttons for blog and products (yay!!)
- going to Business Org Launch and hopefully will meet some great people
- sent comments to C.P. (fiction) and need to schedule writing day
- meeting up with new friend (writing/spiritual) for two events

I think I have some great tools and people as resources - just need to remind myself not to get distracted by new flashy ideas - just keep working with these people and tools and let them lead the way: Jen Lee, Lee Harris, mandala, meditation (Kyle Cease), forgive, accept, no judgement, gratitude!! allow emotions to move through you - take care of yourself - be kind.

You've got this.


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