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WEEK 34 - POST 1

It WAS a BLAH week last week.  I felt so overwhelmed by the writing contract and my projections of what people "expect" from me (which they don't really!) that the week was crappy.

I'm glad I listed what still got done, because despite it all - things still got done.

I now have a chance to sign up for a podcast class but I'm procrastinating (should I spend the money???) and distracting by judging other people's lifestyles (how can SHE afford all that and have the time to do that?).  These are people I only know from their blog.

I guess the real question is where is this projection coming from?  Do I feel that I need to justify what I'm doing?  Do I feel like I'm not contributing enough to justify how I spend my time?


This weekend I spent almost a full day sorting and organizing my photos.  V. had given me a bunch of his so I can use them on the blog but I couldn't find them (I kept asking for the same photos).

And I spent another day taking photos both in the morning and the afternoon (we also got over to a location on the west end of town for a quick shoot on Sat. morning).  There's still two shots that I need soon but I should be OK for now.

THAT feels great!!

In terms of podcast course, graphics, etc.  I do need to invest in this if I really want it to be a BUSINESS.  And I"m not going to worry so much about social media.  I think it's better if I focus on some targeted marketing ideas and connecting with certain people.  I need to really create a community - rather than a following.  (I spent some time "paying it back" on Fbook and liking other people's projects.)  Social media can be REALLY addictive.  I need to do it very lightly in the AM and then a bit more in the PM and ONLY a few times a week.

Regarding people - I did contact some others this week and have made some plans.  Now, rather than contact MORE people, I will ride on that for a week or so and then when it dies down again, I'll contact some others.

Contacted mastermind friend - still need to email her back
Contacted local writing friend - might meet up this week or schedule something for Feb
Contacted C.P. - skyping this week
Contacted local friend about hooping - no hooping but some snowshoeing and labyrinth walking
Texted three friends who texted me on NYE (St. Cat, Barr + West) - nothing back from Barr (but that's OK and will see West this weekend).
One neighbour done the other to do + Christmas Card Friends (emailed one, still about five or so to go!)

So this week I have a post ready already (yeah!!) but must work on another (or two...) but I also have to prioritize my Writing Contract and my C.P.   Wish me luck!  And I wish you all the best also!!

Good luck with your entrepreneur endeavours!!


What's Inspiring You This Week: the lightness of this weekend, it felt good to get something done (even if it wasn't "on my list") and now I'm really set for blogging this winter.  yay!!

Where Are you Stuck This Week: balancing writing contract with C.P. work and blog.  wish me luck!!

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: slow and steady, slow and steady, slow and steady.  open and allowing and accepting and forgiving.  it's all ok.  fear is ok.  sit with your fear.

know that you are only trying to distract yourself when you get in these spirals (judgement, faint of heart, perceived judgement of others on their expectations of you, overwhelm with work)  xo

What Will You Commit To For This Week: one blog post posted.  more postcards up (and some photos in west end).  a draft for the next post (or two).  and signing up for podcast class!!

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

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