stand still (and counting)

WEEK 34 - POST 2

Getting some writing done (yay!)

But so stressed out about it still that I didn't schedule a cofffee shop day and am not making time to exercise (uh-oh) - I'm just huddled in front of the computer. (double uh-oh!)

Did my skype session with my C.P. (yay!)

Not going to west-end (event was cancelled) so no postcards going up (hmmm) - but that does mean more time for writing. (yay!)

Haven't booked the course - I need to have a block of time to work on my "Annual Work Plan" before I can  settle into committing to podcast.  (But I can't find the time.)

I'm hesitating about doing the course because I don't know how much more I'm going to struggle with the writing.  I don't want to commit to the course if I need to work on weekends, etc.  But I have two full weeks (and two days) until the class and it IS going better.  I can see the end of the tunnel.  And I really need to start my first business offering.

(Also due to other demand from work - end of year reporting needed this week - it feels like my time isn't mine.  I feel really hemmed in, under alot of pressure.  It will be much better next week!)

Once I get half of the fact sheets done, I will feel much better.

It's kind of like I'm at a stand still until that is done.

Stay Tuned...


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