something achieved even if it feels like a BLAH week

WEEK 33 - POST 2

This week was hard.

Felt overwhelmed by people - still working on how to reach out and take care of my precious time.  I can see how my commitments are already affecting my personal life, my work life and my most important relationship (with my partner).  It's these expectations of others: my mother wants us to go on a river cruise with her, a friend was thinking I was in the hospital because I didn't respond to email sent to my work (even though I had an out of office notification) and then one text on the weekend), other friends I worry are in need but I'm having a hard time even answering my own needs, I never find time to reach out to those out of town and there are still a stack of xmas cards and emails that need responses.


And I feel so behind in everything and I know that the next two months are going to be all about the writing contract.  I'm realizing that I (again) have taken on too much.  But what I'm really wondering is how anyone does a blog in this day and age of social media.

It's like a whole different strategy of figuring out what makes an interesting post - how to get people's attention.  And timing and rhythm.

And then there's instagram - what if you are not a great photographer??  Or can't make interesting short videos, etc.

After I post there's this thought: Now I have to get on social media...  Must share the love (heart, retweet, etc), must post interesting things and must talk about what I'm doing.  Get a photo (or two) for instagram each week.  Should I post on Fbook also - that means MORE interaction.  How do I get back to everyone?  Including comments on blogs.

And even the whole blogging thing - I'm a writer - the graphics are harder.  It's getting more and more necessary to be GREAT at a ton of things - graphics, social media, marketing, etc.  I think those who have graphic skills will rise to the top (beautiful blog layouts, great catchy videos, lovely graphics to retweet).  What if you are mostly You Tube or Instagram - does that make it easier - not to have a blog?

I'm a writer but I want great buttons, great photos (for blog), great graphics (infographs & photos) to tweet and I want to know when to use social media and how to schedule all of this - none of which is my forte.  Just getting a post with photos up can take 4 - 6 hours.  And I'm still not satisfied once it's up.  I'm constantly tweaking - catching typos, rewording things, fixing links...

I need to figure out how to make this simpler!

I think at some point - I need to see the blog as more of a resource with tons of info on it (all organized) and weekly posts can be shorter, more just a "Hi! here's something that could be helpful" - especially if it's reacting to some current local news.  And use twitter as the main way to connect with others and then instagram as a fun hobby.  I'd just have to figure how to value that resource (product).

The WEB RESOURCE will be the product rather than the BLOG being the product.

It may be the only way I keep my sanity.  And then if I take a week or two off, there can still be some posts, LOTS of use of website and maybe an intern to handle social media while I'm gone.




- listened to another Jen Lee - Tim Manley podcast (need to use earphones more when I'm walking)
- pinned up business cards & postcards in local coffee shop (want to do this weekly)
- completed post and published (yay!) and have a second completed post for next week
- posted on social media (Twitter & Fbook) and have alot of kind words from friends (yay!)
- using two other Fbook pages for marketing also - need to manage time working with these a bit better!  (but want them to be a bit more active before I post so that they get more views).
- plans for an outing tonight and photo shoots this weekend (yay sunny days!)
- saw the podcast class this week (almost sure I will take it this time!)
- schedule skype session with mastermind friend soon (received an email with link to her new blog - it's really inspiring!)

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