wet and winter and wild

WEEK 32 - POST 2

Did almost three hours writing on Tuesday (also did some visioning posts to give me some mojo: interview post + heroine's journey so far).

Wednesday got some emails written and looked at my fiction writing (also tried to find the fiction writing course I paid for in 2015) - getting inspired to write! And then went out for a walk to get some more winter photos.  Ended up emailing a bit more than I had planned and did some work on the blog at the end of the day instead of writing contract.  (So this is GOOD and BAD).  :  )

Thursday was my fiction writing day and did a bit more chatting than planned (so couldn't do both writing and a walk with my friend!) but happy to actually have pulled out my story.  Did groceries and by the time I got home started prepping dinner.  (Was hungry and tired in the afternoon/evening.)

And tomorrow (Friday) I MUST get back to my writing contract.  You would think that 3 hours is not too much to hope for in one day.  What IS going on?!?!?

OK - more acceptance, allowance, everything is OK as it is.  And let's try to work at in another way.  Just have fun with it.  Do it for yourself.  Enjoy the process.  Write like you are talking to a friend.  Offer up what you think (and don't overthink it!)


Have decided NOT to go to networking event in January (breakfast next week).  I had a writing meetup with a friend this week, might be doing a brunch with some ladies this weekend, going to start up hooping again next week and possibly doing a vision board session with a friend (along with a skype session with my C.P. and mastermind, launch event and a life coach session).  I think that's good enough for this month!!

Contacted mastermind friend - she has a new blog!  we will skype soon! (need to email her back)
Contacted local writing friend - we met up and will try to continue monthly writing sessions.
Contacted C.P. - we have a skype scheduled later this month and will discuss her full book.
Contacted local friend about hooping (but don't think this will work out for her)
Texted three friends who texted me on NYE (St. Cat, Barr + West)

Next will be neighbours + Christmas Card Friends.

Why is all this seemingly social and personal stuff important to my biz... because this year, I'm trying to ensure that my feelings of "obligations" to friends don't overshadow my own priorities (for biz, writing, part-time gig and especially health and happiness.)

So I need to pay attention to how things are in this area and watch how it influences other areas of my life.

It's 2017!!

Let's do this!!


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