what's what: monday morning check in!

WEEK 32 - POST 1

It's a new year.  It feels shiny and new and full of possibility.

But what if (even better) it was just everything that "is" and all that unfolds as it should????

Rather than building up expectation, let's just keep going.

No pressure!!!

This week, I'm working on my writing contract (and so far it's going well) - no other distractions and that needs to include PT work email and many of the social media distractions that push me down a hole.

I am noticing that as I just focus on writing - some feelings are coming up - in the form of a need for food for comfort.  Every half hour to an hour, I'm thinking about food - craving a cookie or something sweet.  For now I'm being gentle with myself but I need to find a day where I can just sit with this urge and try to ease it in another way (rather than actual food).

Some comfort is needed.

I'm also finding myself in front of the computer (whereas I wanted to break it up - 2 hrs at computer, 1 hr away doing movement).  I'm going to impose a break at 3:30 - it's just that I always want to "complete the hours needed" but then end up procrastinating in front on the computer (wrote two personal posts and did some surfing).

I need to get into more of a rhythm with this technical writing - where I am ok with being lost in the research and writing but I find that more that 20 - 30 minutes and I'm wanting to break free.  Some other fear is coming up here - where I don't want to be immersed or I'm not use to it.

But I'm doing it, I'm doing it and doing it!!  And I think there will be time for the blog also.

Let's do this thing!!



POMEDERO for breaks.
EAT away from desk. (which I did today)


GRATITUDE for everything
"And I Love That" for everything that arises (no resistance!!)


What's Inspiring You This Week: the new year.  even though I don't want to raise expectations or make goals (where I might fail) I do feel energized by this clean slate and the idea of "achievement" in this new year.

Where Are you Stuck This Week: not stuck.  just observing.  allowing, accepting.  some resistance to reaching out (and handling the (assumed by me) expectations of friends) so going at this slowly.  trying to reframe the way I see things (lessen guilt and expectations - allow for acceptance and joy in all small things.)

What Is The Message You Need To Hear: you are so important to me.  you inspire.  you are so full of life.  you are part of what I consider "home" and comfort and identity.  you are my sister.

What Will You Commit To For This Week: reaching out slowly.  first to mastermind friend and one IRL friend suggesting a meetup this week.  second to critique partner and other IRL friends who texted me at NY's.  third to other online friend and to generous neighbours.  and then to all friends I heard from over the holidays.  SLOWLY.  there are no expectations.  xo

OK, that's me... now tell me about you!!

What's Inspiring You This Week:

Where Are you Stuck This Week:

What Is The Message You Need To Hear:

What Will You Commit To For This Week:

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