reaching out and finding my people!

WEEK 20 - POST 2

I've been doing OK with social media, both instagram and twitter this week.  Need to remember to do Linked In once a week also.

But no blog posts.  And the writing contract is becoming very demanding again!


However, the one development that has been really cool is to have finally gotten the courage to ask people if I can reprint their photos on my blog.  (If I'm talking about an organization - it's great to have an illustration from their website.)

It's been such a positive experience!!

First of all - I'm connecting with like-minded people!  They obviously like the same topic as I do since I want to highlight their efforts.  Second, it allows more people to know about my blog (the person I connect with and maybe their friends?) and when I post about them, they may share on social media (which would be even MORE people).  Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!

Why did I not realize this before.

And every single person that I've emailed so far has been incredible and very appreciative of me making the effort to contact them!



(and networking went OK - I was SUPER tired though and it was hard to make great conversation, although I did talk to four people (beyond just "hello, how are you") and I handed out my business card to two people.  Yay!!)


and I replied to a comment on my blog (and other comments from my classmates in the blogging course!) so very busy with that!  excited to have a comment from a stranger for my blog!!  first one!!


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