so much fun doing course! but have to get in my hours for the writing contract!!

WEEK 20 - POST 3

Saturday morning I did some more work on the Juicy Blogging course.  But it's now 12:42 and I have to get in my hours for the writing contract and MUST get out and do an hour or so of digging (the garden needs to get done!!).

I am really appreciating all the new ideas and approaches to blogging topics and the journalling questions have me really understanding my blog in a different way.  I know that I will have a much more solid foundation for my blog, purpose and goals once I'm done with this course.  Two more weeks to go.

I hope that I can do another blogging post assignment (although I have alot of hours to put in for writing (contract).  I already have one blog post that is done that meets the week's assignment but do want to try and do one or two more.  The course is also getting me to connect more with other bloggers - which I truly appreciate and like magic I received my first comment from a "stranger" but someone who has their own blog that is similar to mine - a likeminded blogger - so the community is slowly starting to build.

I am going away in just one week - so this is why I'm really trying to get my contract hours completed before I go - so added pressure this month.  Am hoping that next month will be calmer (although I am gone one weekend for work).  I really want to get a good schedule going.  And find time to write my fiction story also! So many projects on the go.


This was really good for my spirits to get out of the house.  I want to work outside the house two times each week - once at the shared office (for contract and part-time job) and once at a coffee shop (for my business).  Helps me with my sanity to get outside and feel truly to be part of the working world!

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