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WEEK 16 - POST 2

So I'm doing ok on my week's commitments: blog post is done.  Another one is ready to go. Social media was done also.  I sent an email to a friend (about his business).  I also spent a lot of time looking for photos (some are on my phone, others are filed in strange places, some are with my partner).  I will need to set aside a day to organize these soon!!

I also went to the networking event and felt ok, just to be able to chat with other people.  Not wanting more out of this for now, other than a place to go each month and start feeling like a regular.

(Still no business cards to give out and not sure about following up with people who told me to "send me your email".  I hope that I will see them at the next event and start building a friendship that way.  I'm not ready to put people on my calendar (outside the event as of yet).)

It felt good to see the same three people from the August event and solidify things just a little bit more.  They are playing hostess and speaker so not sure how that will work in the long term but still good to see familiar faces.

This week feels alot calmer, like a regular routine might be falling into place.  It definitely makes me more productive and much more able to focus and get things done.

It's nice that: 
I have an 8-week exercise class with a friend.
My neighbour is going to get back to me on the collaboration.
I have time to do a coffee shop "work day" this week.
I'm meeting up with a friend on Friday.
I swam with a friend Saturday and skyped with critique partner Monday.
My life coached checked in with me and confirmed a time.

I'm hoping to build a regular routine that feels solid (and reassuring) before I make attempts to expand my network.  (I'm already getting to know two people from my part-time job and there's a woman from a new hula-hooping class I'm taking that lives near me.)  It would be great to add a couple of other groups (monthly?) so that I'm not depending on just one.  I really need this to be able to be a happy productive entrepreneur!

Exercise routine: jogging/swimming/walking/biking/hulahooping.
Going to coffee shop weekly - to do work outside house.
Monday Class w Friend (5 Rhythms or Hula Hooping).
Monthly Yoga w Friend.
Monthly Movie Night.

Just need to keep including a daily outing (jogging, biking, walk) this week and get ready for the in-laws!

wish me luck!

p.s. from Thursday afternoon: I did it!!  I ordered my business cards!!  Woohoo!!!!

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