Do Not Disturb - Writing in Progress (I'll get back in touch with you next month!) Thanks for your Understanding!!!

WEEK 17 - POST 2

Less that two weeks left (until the end of the month) and I have way too many hours for my writing contract to do!  I'm hoping that after two months of this (August I struggled also), that I'll be able to change things a bit in October.  Other than Thanksgiving, there should be nothing big to throw me off schedule.

Today and tomorrow, I also have meetings, which means I'll have less time to write.  So it looks like I'll be writing on both weekends (again).

But that's OK.  At least this time, I do know it's possible to GET IT DONE by the 2nd (Sunday) at the very latest.  All will be OK.  And I also learned a valuable lesson, where I need to really work with the people who are involved in the places that I'm writing the case studies about.  (I made two mistakes writing about something for a community newspaper.  the first one I caught and changed before it was published but the second one is in print. ugh!)

I'm almost spending a bit too much time on researching networking opportunities and working on social media to the detriment of the blog posts.  But they are the easier things (that I can squeeze into small amounts of time and that don't seem to onerous.)

MUST WRITE BLOG POSTS (two this week, two next week)!!  YOU CAN DO THIS!!

So since I'm still wrestling with my posts and posting schedule - I think I AM going to sign up for the "Juicy Blogging Course" which I gave myself a reminder to consider as of today (last day for the Early Bird rate!).

It definitely feels like it's coming at exactly the right time and it might be nice to create some connections with others and get more ideas for posts (and how to improve them) and how to start connecting with others online.  Perhaps this will also answer my question of how to get the word out there (and advertise) without using facebook!!!???

What I really need to do is buckle down and see this as a NECESSITY to NOT MAKE ANY PLANS OR GO OUT AND SEE PEOPLE until I get on top of my blog posts.

I need to start seeing this as putting bread on my table and putting myself first (over any other priority).

Let's do this thing!!

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