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WEEK 44 - POST 3 

This has been resonating with me for awhile.  That there is really a need to purge and stop saying yes to things that are really just an obligation.  I need to be able to let go of things (even people) who are holding me back.

I need to really tune in and figure out what's feeling like a "yes" to me and what's obviously a no??

I know if I could drop the part-time job right now, I would.  The only magical thing is the outdoor work and even there I want to "celebrate" it, not be the expert or advocate.  (But maybe after a year of doing the consultations, maybe that will be different?  Only time will tell.)

The writing also - I've really needed a break from it for the last month (but couldn't).  But it's going to be amazing to see the first thing you wrote packaged up properly and professionally but I wonder if it will make me forget all the agony that I had to endure to get there!

I'm sure that seeing it done will give me the push to continue with the fiction writing and possibly my own book.  You know the one!!  :  ) 52...  (this was from the amazing download I had on Week 40)

I'm still listening to the podcasts and it's all resonating but I'm really enjoying when she talks about one specific topic that resonates so loudly with me.  It's another manifestation - I know it.  (And I just read in Wrinkle in Time.)

I can really see how my entrepreneurial work is starting to be woven into so much that I see, hear and do daily.  The need is strong within me and also in the world - the need for me to share this with others.  There is a need out there also.

There's a reason I am on the other end listening.  (I'm wondering where this next little clue will lead...)


I'm going to try and remind myself of this - this year - in 2017!!  I just need to trust that if I need support, I will get it.  Maybe not in the form of $$$$ but there are many other ways to get support.  It will come.  Trust!!  The great thing about realizing that $$$$ isn't the answer is that it frees you up to so many more possibilities and allows me to become increasingly resourceful and innovative.


I know that.  (I've known this for awhile but it's really finally clicking, as to HOW.)


P.S. Week 44 divided by 4 = 11 (wow!  has it been eleven months already!)

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