crazy day, crazy week, but we are making it through

WEEK 44 - POST 2


So do I always come here to report - "Things didn't go as planned this week..."????


My wide open week got sucked into the vacuum of newsletters, program design and promotion and email frustrations (all for the part-time job).

But have to admit that two of the programs are in my area of vocation so it will be worth it when I'm doing site visits and working directly with people this summer (on the topic we both care about!)

So I'm trying to look at things positively!

And I did get the guest blog post up and it felt great (and looks great!!) and I did do social media (Facebook, Twitter) work around it (but didn't get as much traction as I had hoped).  Did do some other tweets about local news events (with photos) and those got retweeted (so that strategy is still working!) and I did put together a page on local volunteering opportunities so I think this might get me some local traction also in the weeks to come!

And have an idea for my next post - which is a short and sweet way to get something up and online!

So this is ALL GREAT!!!!  I have done some amazing things this week!

Life coaching and masterminding is still on for the end of the week.  I did well in terms of healthy food choices and a bit more movement in my day - lots of room to improve but so happy that this is starting after a winter hunched over the computer (not giving my body the breaks, stretches and movement it needs) and choosing quick unhealthy meals rather than the "best fuel" in terms of healthy food choices!!

I didn't get out to work at a coffee shop or shared office space this week (feeling too under the pump in terms of this week's deliverables) but looking forward to this as the weather continues!!

Want to also note that I posted about the blog post on my local city's "Fbook blogger page" and over on Linked In.  I definitely need to keep thinking about ways to expand my reach!

I also signed up for Mailchimp and declared my intent to send out a summer newsletter when I sent out an email, notifying subscribers from my previous two blogs that I can be found over at my new blog.  I guess you would say it's my first email subscriber list and has around twenty people! It can only be onward and upward from here!!  EXCITED!!

How has the week gone for you?  Will you be able to catch up on Friday??

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