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WEEK 41 - POST 3

I wanted to have an end of the week check-in.

This is usually Thursday - so sorry!  We will return to regularly scheduled posts next week.

So how did your week go?  Were you able to achieve the goals you had set out to do this week?  What went well and what when wrong?

Wednesday was good for me - I got one fact sheet done about 85%.  Thursday I did my part-time job, emails and graphic design review.  And then since there was little time left I decided to continue with the part-time job (updating website, sending emails) so I worked for 7 hours total on this.  (No writing).  Friday I really had to prioritize another part-time task and that took all morning and part of the afternoon.  I also spent some time organizing the collaboration and an hour creating a map for us.  (Also looked to see if there are any "slow business groups")  ;  )

So here it is 4 pm and no writing.  This is what happens.  Other priorities come up and then if there's only a couple of hours left for writing - it's really hard for me to start.  Sigh!

OK - onward and upward.  Might have to do some writing on the weekend.


Hope your entrepreneur work is going well for you!!

See you next week!!

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