part 1 - let's work with the magic

Act with faith, dear. 
Prepare the way for your inevitable success. To the degree you can, behave as if your dreams have already come true, as if you already owned a amazing creative career in ___  facilitation, as if later today you were going to find open doors, support & energy for the journey. 
And you shall see the power you wield as the floodgates begin to tremble, the elements begin to conspire, people in your life begin to change, insights are summoned, comprehensions soar, and clarity is born. 
Not to mention fierce, wild animals lying down when you walk on by  
  - The Universe 
Pretending is so powerful, dear. Look how far it's already taken you.

So this is what I'm seeing where people imagine into real:

- Actors who are now doing projects that they themselves created or working with others who want to "behave as if your dreams have already come true"

- Jen & Tim working as writers and film makers (creators) before they have "sold" a piece or been "paid" for their work.

- In the tv show series "Love" - a group of friends getting together one evening to perform music and sing the "theme song" for a show someone is creating.

- for "Lizzie BD" - they held auditions and call backs and chemistry reads even though there was no pay for the actors.

- she did a photo shoot (more than one) with friends even though she didn't need more head shots and wasn't being interviewed for any magazine.

- the two of them doing a very quiet writing project that turned into the "10 Letters Project" and then a podcast (see how it all builds!!)

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