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WEEK 62 - POST 1

I missed the Monday morning check-in - so sorry about that!!  I'm really having a hard time balancing work as I'm supervising someone who works double the hours that I do and therefore needs things reviewed and/or has questions every day.  (This is how it felt with the graphic designer also - I could never get my work done!)

How can I light that fire here?  I'm really worried that once I finish the reports, there are three articles to write and then in the fall it will be grant writing.  It just never ends. I have to figure out a balance.  It has to happen, even if it's just doing my business work (blog, products) in the beginning of the week and then catching up with part-time work Thursday and Friday if Tuesday doesn't go so well.


>The new HSHB is a bit distracting.  I'm reading FB feed more than the actual book.

>I finally got out of the "writing" rut for the audits.  THIS is major!  Now just have to keep it up!

>I think getting past the IG block helped with the audit rut above.

>Somehow I've got to get back to my blog - like I said before - it may be putting that first (at the beginning of the week) and just prioritizing it above all else.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Hope all is going well with you!!!

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