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WEEK 63 - POST 1

A very quick check-in.

- The audits are getting done.  I sent off another today and rather than tackling another long one, I chose to do a short one instead and got it done in an hour or so.  Which is a great boost to the morale!

- My naturopath has moved offices.  It's a little frustrating as she probably knew that she was going to do this when I started with her but she didn't mention it.  Grrr!  The good thing is because of this I found another and they are above a yoga studio which means I can make an afternoon out of it - my naturopath check-in, massage and yoga!  Yay!

- I'm already past my hours for this month for my part-time job (and I'm only two weeks into it).  Which means my hours for my vacation are COMPLETE (two weeks coming up) and I'll be ahead in the next month which will help me put the focus on my entrepreneur work finally.  Yay!!

- I'm really not sure if I'll be doing any work on products on my weeks off, so if I don't, that means that I'll have just four months when I come back to get them done.  FOUR months.  Hopefully I'll be well rested, the house and office will be purged and I'll be raring to go!

- I went out to check on a site installation collaboration I did with a friend this Monday, so spent the whole day outdoors which was great.  I also left some tags (finally) which advertise my business.  Must get more of those out!  This all felt so good!!

- The mastermind friend fizzled out.  Which is OK - she's wonderful and is so supportive but right now she has her hands full with so many things: family, job, projects with her partner, editor's contracts, studying for a health certificate, working on her own blog and social media AND she's joined a year's online program where I think she finds her own support (rather than with me).  She's also writing and now getting into editing & doing touch-ups with all her travel photos!  So it's just not happening there anymore.  That's OK.

- Had another friend ask me if I wanted to join the Jane Goodall online class this fall - it looks amazing and I love JG's approach to change - which is to listen and connect with people rather than to blame them and point fingers.  Her book made me cry when I read it.  I'd love to spend more time with this friend!  But I've only got 4 more months for my products (starting next month) so I can't get distracted with another thing on my to do list!   :  (   (She also asked me about August Break which was so cool but I haven't done that in awhile either - maybe next summer!)

- Want to prioritize joining a couple of entrepreneurial support groups this fall and adding some other things to my routine for health (physical and mental).  I'm happy with the online HSHB group (hopefully more time to use resources in the upcoming weeks and months but what they are providing is great) and there is a new IRL entrepreneurial group very close that meets once a month.  I'm going to prioritize going next week.  Along with a meditation group that I want to join this fall and more hula hooping!!  I think having a routine that supports my mental & entrepreneurial well-being will help a lot!

- I also want to get back to my Sunday morning tradition (which I think happened once hah!) of reading and commenting on online blogs (and maybe writing to online friends).  Last year that was my goal before even WEEK 10.  (Also getting outside!  Such a good reminder that even 30 minutes a day is just crucial to my feeling community, feeling connection, feeling less stressed and so much more!  Might have to schedule that in to my calendar in RED.)

OK... well that wasn't such a short check-in but it felt good!

I definitely want to know how you are doing?  Any blocks out there, lack of motivation or shiny success stories!  Let's celebrate what IS working!!

FROM WEEK 7 (2016)
"Start making connections by commenting on online blogs. Get outside for at least 30 minutes every day.  Don't worry so much about your audience right now.  Just find your voice and have fun."  (LINK)

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