stuck, stuck, stuck!!!

WEEK 60 - POST 2

I'm having this huge block with the audit reports.  I just CAN'T write them and the more time that goes by the worse the feeling (and block) is.  Ugh!

It feels exactly like the IG issue.  Each week I missed posting made it a bigger issue that I HADN'T POSTED!  So finally I just threw up the photos quickly and just let it be what it was:  "I'm renaming this and just going for it!"  (Who's going to sue me for that?)  :  )

So what I really need to do is somehow put this on its head and approach it in a different way.  But the other sticking point is I feel like I need "time".  A full week with no distractions or a least a full day where I can start at 8:00 am and really get stuff done.  And I just feel pulled in so many other directions (and distracted).  But then I can't really enjoy ANYTHING because this is looming over me.  UGH!

(Right now I'm just waiting until my partner comes home so we can order dinner.  Then I'll work!)


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