let's bring the fun back!!

WEEK 58 - POST 3

So I really want to continue working on this but I also feel like I've wasted SO MUCH TIME and that I'm not productive!!  But I know it's a lot of headspace stuff - worry, unhappiness, anxiety, frustration, etc. that eats at my time and that I really COULD be more productive if I just DID rather than "sit and try and work it out".  Sigh!!

So here's to fun, here's to doing and here's to getting out of my own way.


FROM WEEK 5 (2016)
"Just have fun, have fun, have fun!  
Realize when you are "trying" too hard rather than just being and be OK when you realize that the authentic voice you thought you had last week just doesn't resonate this week.  It's a learning process and you need to be kind to yourself!!" (LINK)

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