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WEEK 59 - POST 2

It was a really busy week so I didn't even have time to check in Wednesday afternoon - so sorry!  (This is being posted on Saturday.)  Training new staff - which doubled my part-time work hours (and STILL haven't written anything!!) but in the long run it should be good as I can transition some things over to the new person and focus more specifically on what I like (and get the writing done!) Hopefully I can find a bit more balance next week (get something up on the blog?) and then really get in a groove next month.

(And the good thing is with these extra hours it will make it easy to build up the overtime I need to take two weeks off next month also. Yay!!!)

New supplements are keeping me up at night (?) so I need to adjust that also.  But this week has been good in terms of getting entrepreneur support Tuesday night (my TUT friend) and did some work at the shared office space which felt great.

So maybe a blog post or two (a friend I saw this Sat. morning just inspired me on another topic for a post) this weekend and those reports!!  Must get to the reports!!


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