easing back into work slowly

I found it hard to get back to work on Tuesday.  Still feeling like there are things that need to be done around the house and commitments to other people (critique partner, testimonials).  I ended up doing some chores - tasks (changing holistic appointment, making jam out of rhubarb before it went bad, ordered grain-fed beef, found cacha├ža online, etc.) and I still have to do more things (planting some herbs, calling rona, confirming with friends for activities, etc)  How do people do this with a full-time job?

I think that's why I don't hear from people alot - they are prioritizing the important stuff.  :  )

I've also been sleeping in - trying to get enough sleep but what I really should be doing is getting to bed earlier!  Wednesday was a write-off as I had a lunch date.  I did take some photos before and also that evening and get some part-time work done in the afternoon but it really wasn't a productive day.

So because Tuesday and Wednesday didn't go as planned, I'm finding that I will have to get part-time work done on Friday.  But at least I have Friday to get paid work done!

Next week priority is early to bed and exercise and water.  And self-comfort rather than distraction.

Six months until I have to call this and get back to full time work if it doesn't work out.


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