WEEK 53 - POST 3

I just want to do a quick check in Friday morning.

I haven't been able to prioritize the final writing because:

- I'm still trying to find someone to hire for 6-mo internship (usually my supervisor's job)
- I'm still trying to confirm the last of three projects to be part of our summer initiative
- I started doing outdoor audits this week (two done and now reports to write)
- I met with the graphic designer and provided him with input (and a few emails after)
- many other emails regarding small details, other tasks

Am just tired.

Met with naturopath this week (happy I am prioritizing health).

Stress from doing audits and interviews.

We rescued a cat this week.

I hope I can get it done in the next four days.

It HAS to get done.

(So many other things to do, volunteer to help promote campaign (I might just have to let this one go!), put together site details for collaboration next week, my blog, my 52 week initiative, hiring graphic designer... etc. etc. etc.)

It's been great to listen to Jen Lee because I can finally give myself permission to have an "emotional" day and that acknowledging the build up of stress and the need to have down time to process it all is allowed.  It's helping me to slowly change how I deal with all this emotion and stress.

I'm seeing if I can give myself the last week of June off to really slow down and just enjoy a week of summer.


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