it's happening right now even if you don't realize it....

WEEK 56 - POST 2

So my mastermind friend had to cancel on me.  And I'm not upset with her but I am disappointed in myself as I really could not focus that day.  At first I thought the meeting was 10:00 am, so I spend the beginning of the day getting ready, reviewing our discussion, what we've learned so far and then I realized we weren't checking in until Noon.  So I just procrastinated the next two hours while I was "waiting for her" and then once I found out she couldn't meet, I wasn't able to focus the rest of the day.


I really want to respect my business hours.  I have some friends who come into town on holidays and think that I can meet them during the day.  Ugh.  (I did try to accommodate people the first year or so, which meant I gave them the wrong impression - my fault)  Now I really have to be firm.  I'm realizing I need to schedule these types of business support at the end of the day so that they don't wreak havoc with my normal business schedule.

I'm also realizing that it's ironic because just on Friday - during life coaching session, I talked about how I really need to look inward and stop looking outside for validation, support, etc.  I need to firmly build my foundation.  So I can rely on myself.  I need to create a chest (arsenal?) of resources that I can pull from when I need them and they have to be my support when no one else can.  And really be my support, period.  I can't expect others to PROP ME UP.

BTW, I'm changing the second day that I check in here to Wednesday afternoons.  Thursdays are for part-time work, so I may not have time and I think it would be good to check in at the end of the day, see how it went and determine what else needs to be done (or addressed) before the end of the week.

Hope that works for you also!!!

(It IS happening right now, even though I don't realize it, this slow subtle shift of me changing into a business woman.  Let that sink in.  Just sit with it for a bit every day.  #girlboss)

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