Getting out and connecting with Others!

WEEK 53 - POST 4

Wanted to do a bit of a new series for this year, to help me see how far I've come.  Some times it feels like so much struggle and that I'm constantly learning that I don't realize what I've already learned or how far I've come.

And I also think that there are some lessons that need to be repeated or that it's a better time to focus on some things that I couldn't quite make happen the year before.

So excited to be on this journey!

FROM WEEK 1 (2016)
"It helps to connect to people, especially as I'm working from home and don't have that office energy.  I know that I want to see collaboration happen in my new business and I feel once I get more established and very clear on what I'm offering that will happen." (LINK)
I have two collaborations and it does feel good.  It's also starting to feel good to go into the shared space where I can find a bit of "community".  I need to really make more of an effort this year to get out of my home office during the work week.  And after a year in biz, I feel more solid in what I can offer and am more comfortable speaking my truth - feeling like a business person - than I was at the start of  2016.

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