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WEEK 57 - POST 3

During my week off, I've been reminded of how much discipline it takes to get work done at home - to stay motivated in regards to everything (life, healthy, business, fun) if I'm not connecting to anything but myself (and the internet - bleh!).  But what I need is some way to motivate myself to get out of the house.  That itself takes motivation (and discipline).  I think the zones are a great way to jump start this (I did this for one of the reports I had to write - working downstairs rather than upstairs - and it really helped!) and I want to employ these zones even more (on the days I am home) and even get outside and do some work on the back patio while the weather is good.  I think by working more on my laptop, I will see how easy it is to be mobile and work anywhere!  What I really need to do is have a schedule where I get out of the house two to three times a week for work and also have a couple of groups to check in with on a regular basis (whether it's a networking group or an exercise group or a book club or something!).  I need a routine and I need a community!!

So that is a big priority when I get back to work next week!

(And this isn't the type of community where I "force" people to be mastermind support or my best entrepreneur friend or feel that every time I meet someone they may be "the one".  This is more like when I used to just go to speed dating and not worry so much about the outcome - it was just good to go out once a month and see that there WERE other singles around!  But part of how this worked so well then was that I paid and committed to going to the event!)

p.s. Monday is a holiday here - so see you next Tuesday!

FROM WEEK 5 (2016)
"I've found that working in three different zones in the house helps me get into the mind-set.  For my part-time job I'm here in the study upstairs, a bit of an uninspiring room.  For fiction writing I get into bed and write on our laptop and for the blog and all other parts of "my biz" I've found that working in our new kitchen is great (being in a much bigger space with the big windows and the backyard as a backdrop helps immensely!).  I've also liked going to a coffee shop locally some times." (LINK)

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