Busy (still) xo

WEEK 54 - POST 3

Oh man... here I am a year later still struggling with "busy weeks" due to part-time job and not being able to carve out time for my entrepreneur work.  I am stressed, stressed, stressed.  I'm really hoping that it will get better in the upcoming weeks.

What I Do need to do, is take a "break" from writing so that I don't get completely blocked for the blog.  After almost a year of struggling with the writing contract, I can just feel that type of EXHAUSTION coming on.


FROM WEEK 2 (2016)
"This busy week is just for this week and you've definitely learned from it, in terms of respecting your own schedule and making space for yourself... (but I am) going to work on posts and I'm excited!!  (I've been reading "Creating Money" and it's definitely part of this mood burst!... It's really giving me a new perspective on EVERYTHING!  I've already manifested three things!)" (LINK)

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