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WEEK 57 - POST 1

I came here and wrote some more on Friday but didn't know where to put it, so I'm putting it here as part of my Monday blog post:
I didn't want to lose this feeling too quickly.  When I came back from my outdoor consultation on Thursday I was so happy!  The consultation when so well and there were five people there but I wasn't overwhelmed.  And they appreciated what I had to share with them and I definitely had some knowledge to impart but also learned more while I was there.  That's the exciting part.  It helped that they had already been some focus on the topics that I covered, so they were open to my suggestions.  I can definitely see how great this could be!  I just wanted to write about this so I would be able to hold on to this moment a bit longer and have a reminder that it IS possible and that I AM finding what I LOVE to do!!  xo
Today (Monday) I won't be checking in, so I have scheduled this to post in my absence.  I do think I'll check in later this week, but unsure as to whether it will be Wednesday or Thursday.  And then we will be back to regular programming in the following week.  I'm really hoping that this break will help me recharge and get me excited about writing and more so have energy so that I can prioritize THIS WORK three times a week.  I really need to work on product development and I find myself so distracted that I'm always playing catch up.  And then what gets done in the end is the part-time work as I'm obligated to the paycheck.  Yikes!!

So the main thing when I get back is to have a better routine so that my entrepreneur work gets done Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!!  Hope it works!

If it feels right, definitely check in and review our four weekly questions!
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Have a great week!!

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