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WEEK 57 - POST 2

I'm reconsidering how I'm working with social media.  I don't use Fbook much for personal posts anymore but I do find I go there where I'm "lonely".  But I also use it to find out what's happening locally so it's hard to balance.  I find IG really can make me want to be a consumer and also makes me second guess much of my own life and choices.  "Not pretty enough, boring life, house needs to be spiffed up, etc."  I never have time to read past the Twitter headlines (which is just crazy!) but I think that's how it works - you just want to scroll further to see if you are missing anything better.  And as I've mentioned before I think my Twitter strategy is not targeting my audience (at all!)

This week I'm really trying to stay off and see what else I want to do with my time.  I've also noticed that my life coach has had a good strategy of being on just one social media for now and now after serving her clients for over a year (and getting business through Fbook and word of mouth) she is ready to build her website and newsletter.  I also like how HONY uses Twitter - creating a full readable image that he uploads so that the character limit isn't restrictive to what he does.  (It's like a mini-blog.)  And in terms of what B. Bravo pointed out - I need to think how I can contribute positively to social media AND think of other ways to reach people.

I started reading the Creating Money - Attracting Abundance book (again) this week and I really think I need to find a book club for this and read a chapter a week!  I've seen a couple of (past) book clubs that read it all in a month and then discuss it but it would be better to read a chapter a week and practice the exercises etc.  (Might have to do this here!  Who wants to do this with me?)

It would be great if I started using a few of my evenings for a better purpose (rather than vegging out in front of the tv).   Maybe I could make it a yoga + journaling and reading evening and really do a bit of introspection and review how things are going and help set myself up for greater success in the future.  I do find myself floundering a bit between coaching sessions.  I used to be so much better on the "spiritual side" but now don't prioritize "working" on it so much.

There is still this desire to find my entrepreneur friends.  As I was writing this, I checked on Fbook to see if there were any book clubs and I saw that this woman from Indie Kindred (who disappeared when I mentioned my part-time job) posted about wanting to blog but not knowing a good platform (or having a great title) and it made me a bit sad that here again was someone who was a blogger that I could connect with but it just wasn't working out.  Even my Mastermind friend - who again was starting a blog and I was excited to connect with - has put other priorities first (her editing business, her family business) and I just don't see how we can truly support each other.

I had made these notes - questions to ask her, comments on her blogging priorities (including a nutrition certificate that would support what she was blogging about) and also listed what I wanted to share with her - the collaborations, the plans for product development and my first newsletter and the work on the audits.

I need to let this go - as I'm putting way too much energy into this "desire".  There is a huge amount of attachment to this and I just have to be OK with going at it on my own for now.  And being my own support.  In the end I think this is the best as I really HAVE to learn how to motivate myself (as I cannot expect someone else to do this for me!).  So my first step is just be there for myself and get it done on my own and know that some day when I least expect it, I'll find some entrepreneur friends.


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