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WEEK 53 - POST 2

I just want to say how proud I am of giving myself some time off on Tuesday.

I had three intense days and when I got back home after the audit and finished the staff meeting and some catch up was done, I thought: "I have the car, it's not raining and I just need to unplug" so I did it.  I got in the car and went to a spot I've been wanting to visit and had a wonderful walk outdoors.  I know it helped that I was already dressed to go out (as I had had the morning audit).  But I really allowed myself to have a reward after the three busy days and I didn't let myself put it off because I had "too much to do!".  I just reminded myself that everything will get done in time - it will all work out.  I just need to lower my stress levels.  (I haven't been sleeping well.).

What helped me get here: Kira on twitter, meeting with my naturalpath (talking about high cortisol levels), Jen & Tim podcasts and my determination to slow my life down and really just stop the insane pace.  (But I can feel tears: tears for the health concerns, tears for the stray cat, tears for the wish of having a "best friend", tears for the stress, tears for the lack of sleep, tears for the desire to have more time for what I love.

It was great walking with my friend after the collab was done on Sunday also, talking about the urban trees (there is a tea tree? and cherries for picking in an old suburb I know?) and thinking about riding the Cat trail in June with her and just planning some fun!  I dropped by another friend Tuesday thinking we could talk "fun" also but her head was elsewhere - too much stress in her life (which is sad because "fun" could lower those stress levels but it's hard to find time for fun!)

So on Wednesday I gave myself the full day to do my entrepreneur work.  If I felt compelled to do some writing, that would be OK.  (Thursday was going to be another busy one with two meetings, so writing wouldn't get started again until Friday but that would be OK - maybe one more weekend of work?  It'll get done when it gets done.)

The plan was to cycle through three things: TIDY (notes, kitchen, laundry) MOVE (walk, stretch, dance) and WRITE (for the blog) which would address three needs stress (due to mess), tasks (that need to be complete) and health.  I did some catch up first - emails to friends re: up coming events, distraction by fbook, etc. but then sat down to do the WORK by 10:30.

I ended up getting lots done for the entrepreneur part (reviewing tasks, making a list, finished and published a blog post) but I wasn't good at cycling through the three things.  I have such a bad habit of just sitting and work (and/or distracting myself by doing "other" stuff online).

Happy to see my mastermind friend has posted a few new blog posts also - yay!!

Maybe I can try this again on Friday?

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