WEEK 52 - POST 3

Here it is - the end of my first year.  WOW.

In some places I'm further than I thought I would be, in others I'm behind.

But it's all good.

I'm working hard at my slow business.

I'm supporting myself and my dreams.

It's been a good year with my blog - learning so much - and now I really need to revisit the purpose of my blog and how I can help others.  I think I need to narrow down at least some of my focus so that it will eventually be more related to my products (and the people I'm targeting).  I'm happy to continue to do some fun general nature posts, but I think I need to at least have one post a month to get more to my niche.  And I really want it to be organic and natural and not have to think "How To Sell" my product so much.

I know it might take longer but I want to reach my audience through authentic ways - like guest posting and networking (even some IRL), so I need to work on that.  And also I really must get very clear on identifying my audience and their "pain points" like - letting them know HOW what my blog topic focuses on can help them.  I think the stats (on healing) will be a great entry point for them and then I can actually give them tips, ideas, etc.  But it's just really hard to get my head around that and come at it from there because I just want to talk about the joy - the positive stuff.  I guess by talking about my own story and why this topic is my solution to "healing" and how it will help!

The other thing is - I just sat outside in my garden this morning and realize how much joy I get from being there.  There is so much work to do, to make it into the space where I can just go and sit and truly enjoy it.  (I'm picturing two outdoor rooms (with hardscaping, etc.) And I've done a bit over the last three years but it's got to get done.  I want it done so I can enjoy it.  I know gardening is never really done but I'm ok with it being a bit messy, I just want to get to the point where we are mainly just maintaining it (rather than building it).

The thing with my blog is that even on the weekends there are pressures to go here or there to get photos or to explore and even sometimes to WRITE!  Or do other things...  I just can't have this any more.  I want to have my weekends feel like weekends. This is why I want a slow business and this is why the writing contract has been a learning experience that I will not repeat for a very long time.  The writing has been the worst.

I'm really grateful for the lesson though.

Here are some stats for the first year:

WEEK 52 (May 2017) - Twitter: 212 (25% over 3 M) & Instagram 180 (50% over 3 M)

WEEK 40 (Feb 2017) - Twitter: 146 (50% over 6 M) & Instagram: 123 (75% over 6 M)

WEEK 31 (Dec 2016) - Twitter: 107 & Instagram: 73

WEEK 23 (Sept 2016) - Twitter: 73 & Instagram: 51

What I really, really want is to see the monthly blog "page view" stats, slowly but steadily climb - regular for me is 1300 - and it would be great to be at 2000 page views a month by this summer and 3000 by the end of the year.... and to get 500 views for each post but I need a STRATEGY as not much is changing in terms of this currently.  I know that looking at numbers can make you go crazy!  So I think that 500 might be too much even for this year (as I really still have an average around 100 views for posts).  I need more subscribers and I need ideas of how to get my social media followers to visit my blog.

Slowly and steadily.

It was great to have that one blog post be featured and tweeted about but the conversion rates just weren't there.

I really need to get out there more to encourage more regular readers.  Let people find out about the blog!!  This will be my goal this fall once I am finally ahead in blog posts (have at least five that are ready to publish ahead of time) and have some products.

Slowly and steadily.

Really let's think of it this way:

- last year you had NO blog subscribers
- last year you had NO newsletter subscribers
- for 2015 you had an average of 250 views per month
- starting in June 2016 you went over 1000 views per month
- for 2016 your highest was 1800 views for one month
- in April 2017 you went over 5000 views for the month
- in May 2017 you are still over 2500 views for the month

Slowly but steadily.




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