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WEEK 50 - POST 4

I'm here on a Sunday still struggling with the writing contract.

I just wanted to check in.  Here is what is going on:

- my supervisor for part-time job had a great idea for one of the projects I'm working on.  I need to remember that she is a great person to partner with in terms of finding solutions and that she really wants to see success and can move things forward quickly. (more trust is needed)
- it was great to collaborate yesterday (Saturday).  we were out from about noon until eight - so a "full day" of work and it was great to be out at sites.  (I forgot to put up my biz card but am realizing that I need to spend a day a month doing this! and just need to get more into the habit of bringing them with me wherever I go)
- this morning I looked at all social media and where I can share certain blog posts and am getting some more ideas.  again, I have to temper that with the realization that in person and on site might get me more visibility (than say a LinkedIn post)
- one thing at a time, one thing at a time, one thing at a time.  it was four of us out yesterday (including my friend's son) and the other collaborator asked me (out of the blue) if I work on one thing at a time or try to juggle lots of projects and SERIOUSLY this was a message from the universe to me.  SLOW DOWN and JUST DO ONE THING AT A TIME.
- i've talked about the need to slow down and be more intentional and truly have a "slow business" and i'm thinking one of my practices will be to take photos of times where I can slow down.  this week I spent a slow hour in the morning: tea + book + sitting in the sun. (Martha Beck always talks about rest + play - that's her business model!)

Current thoughts:
- the need to **CELEBRATE** the end of writing contract
- more tax work to do soon (must not let this slide!)
- can I get ALL the writing done in the next six days?
- two evenings are booked + life coaching session this week
- two meetings for part-time job this week
- two biz meetings (2nd collab + networking event)
- meeting up with two Indie Kindreds this month
- first public event for (1st) collab at end of month
- let's start working on first biz product!!!
- book next mastermind (tut) support for June?
- when to book next fiction writing morning?

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