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WEEK 50 - POST 3

I'm feeling a bit scattered today.  So much focus was on the full day event (yesterday) that it's hard to know what to do now that the event is behind us.  Lots of things to do (including tidy up of event and networking after event) but I just feel grateful it's done and I'm finally able to look up (rather than tunnel vision).  But now I can see all the other things that need attention.  :  )

It's almost noon and I had a slow morning and then connected with three people to follow up on stuff (dinner tonight that now has been moved due to my friend being sick; first collaboration - it's sunny today so I wanted to see if we were going to switch days; going to a health event with my mother - so booked us a spot (and it's her bday and mother's day this month).  So texts, emails, phone calls and I also had a call (for part-time job) and a confirmation that my new glasses are ready to pick up.

My desk is messy, my office is messy, my head is messy.

The Universe told me that I had to schedule a Happy Dance in today.  "Why is it not scheduled on your "to do" list today?" the email asked.

And because of this messy, scattered head space, writing is the last thing I feel like I can do.

And it's kind of like the weight of one thing is off, so now I can feel the weight of everything else that needs to be done - yikes!!

(end of day update)

I decided to go with what I was feeling - so I didn't write.  I tidied my office (shredded and threw away paper) - so many lists and notes that are not needed now.  I scanned receipts and I organized what is left (taxes, volunteer work, a few last notes) and I did a couple of other small things in the house.  Really good that I did that!  yay!!

Do you ever find yourself not being able to work because of the mess around you or the mess of thoughts in your head?  What do you do to deal with it all?

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