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WEEK 52 - POST 2

I've made a list of things that have come up over the last couple of months and that I want to explore deeper when I can (and heal):

ONE. How to get focus after the big surge (in numbers on the blog) and be able to keep working without worrying that it doesn't have the same impact. 
TWO.  How "safety" to me is really about people - how I can feel safe with people "liking me" - as this takes alot of my time and headspace. 
THREE.  How to learn to be in body - I really need to connect more and answer the needs of my body rather than let my head lead with all these self-perceived fears about not being safe.

I don't have answers right now, just questions and it will be interesting to live within them.

In other news, there were quite a few stresses on me last month:

1. Finishing Writing Contract
2. Recruiting three organizations for 2017 program
3. Hiring a student for six-month Internship (only four applications and three are not qualified)
4. Booking 10 outdoor audits (and prepping for them!)
5. Finishing work with graphic designer.  (And this is just the part-time job!!!  UGH.)

and of course my own business goals on top of this plus some health stresses.

Not good.

But I'm almost through all of the list - just need to get one more org (for #2), interviews are next week (#3), I at least have 10 requests for audits and half are booked now (for #4) and you know where I'm at with #1 and #5.  It all feels a bit more under control and I'm thrilled and thankful for that!!

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