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WEEK 50 - POST 2

Quick fact sheet update: I've done the research for the fact sheet but not finalized the draft as I had to proof-read two others and give them to our graphic designer.  Our volunteer editor - proofer couldn't (they've had them for almost a month - yikes!) and this was the fastest way to give more work to the graphic designer  Still have time this week to get the fact sheet done though!!  Two days!

Today (Wednesday) I've been running around to get ready for the event tomorrow.  Maybe there will be some time to do the fact sheet this afternoon?  Tomorrow I'm at the full day event from 7:30 - 4:30 pm.

For my entrepreneur biz - I reviewed the print-outs for the first collaboration I'm doing (we're planting the poems this weekend!) and I just got a request from someone else I know about using a blog post for a local quarterly newsletter she works on (paper distribution is 3000!).

I've just been feeling really disconnected to my body.  I'm just pushing through stress, emotions, frustration and wishes and ignoring so much.  I have had no time to process anything or really get back to a nourishing schedule.  I'm not sure how long I've been operating like this.

I'd like to say it feels like I've operated like this all winter, especially with the writing contract stress... but I know there have been some weeks that were better than others.  As mentioned before - hopefully once the writing contract is done, life will get back to a more normal state.  But what IS normal?  I did feel less stressed about a month ago (when I was giving myself a bit of a break from the writing!).

So for now, it's just a bit of a survival mode until the final pieces of the writing contract are done.  But I do need to try and add some stress-relief measures somehow, while I get through this last final leg of the contract.  My spouse and I went jogging at lunch on Tuesday - that felt GREAT!!

So step by step, metre by metre it goes... (reminds me - I must give myself a HUGE reward at the end of this!!)


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