in two weeks will life get back to normal...

WEEK 49 - POST 2

I went for a walk yesterday.  I had to do an errand and I walked there and back.  On the way back I strolled through the cemetery and enjoyed the warm spring air.  So glad I did that.  Need to try and get out again soon.  (Need to start jogging for a run I signed up for in July!)  Anyway - always good to move the body.

(Public Service Announcement Complete!)  :  )

I'm really, really hoping that once this writing contract is complete I can start working on a better routine and schedule.  I know this didn't happen for me last summer (even without contract) so I'm really hoping I can make it work this year.
Movement everyday.
Meditation (morning routine)
Getting out twice a week to work out of the house.
Respecting my schedule (so that evenings and weekends are mine!)

But for now - let's see what's been completed this week:

- guest post is done!!  yay!!  very exciting!!
- emailed my mastermind partner
- thank you sent out on twitter + comments on IG
- set up tweet schedule for the month
- delivered two revised fact sheets to graphic designer
- checked in on graphic designer's biz page (she's still around - yay!)

and seriously (for sure) absolutely the LAST FACT SHEET will be done by the end of this week!

(so many distractions - big event next week, getting ready for booth, emailing workshop speakers, newsletter just went out, planning meetings, posting and promoting a new job posting, supporting members with programs (commuting, certificate, etc.), graphic design comments, etc.)

And really - what IS "normal"?  

What about you?  Do you have a hard time to keep a balance for yourself?  What is your one thing you do not want to compromise on?

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